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I'm Sachin Venkatesh, a final year undergraduate student pursuing Engineering Physics in the Department of Applied Physics at Delhi Technological University. My research interests include but are not limited to galaxies, stellar evolution and compact objects, especially their computational aspects.

I am currently interning under Prof.Rachel Somerville at the Center for Computational Astrophysics, Flatiron institute working on halo formation history and determinig their properties using machine learning. I also recently started as a member of the NANOGrav STARS program and am excited to explore what it has to offer. I have previously worked in Gravitational Wave data analysis, Radio Astronomy, both instrumentation of a radio antenna to act as the template for a large array and also on the observation side as a member of the SWAN, India.

I am applying for Graduate Schools in Physics and Astronomy for Fall'22 and would be highly interested to know more about opportunities in different schools which work on the abovementioned research fields. So please feel free to reach out and share any suggestions, feedback, or guidance you may have for me. I would be extremely grateful for it!

A VERY SMALL list of my manuscripts and ideas can be found here!

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Academic trajectoryEXPERIENCE

A summary


  • 2018 - 2022
    Bachelor’s Degree

    Delhi Technological University


  • May'21 - Present
    Studying dark matter halos and their properties using machine learning

    Advisor: Rachel Somerville, Center for Computational Astrophysics, Flatiron Institiute, NY

  • Jan'21 - Present
    Superresolution reconstruction of Isotropic turbulence flows

    Advisor: R.K.Singh, Fluid Mechanics Laboratory, Delhi Technological University, India

  • Feb'21 - Mar'21
    Study of QGP and its properties using heavy-ion collisions

    Advisor: Krystian Roslon, Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, Russia

  • May'20 - Jan'21
    Modeling dust scattering and halos using GALEX data

    Advisor: Jayant Murthy, Indian Institute for Astrophysics

  • Jun'20 - Sep'20
    SWAN Antenna Design Challenge 2020

    Advisor: T.R.Seshadri, University of Delhi, India

  • August'20
    Fractals, chaos and their applications

    Advisor: Andrès López Moreno, King's College, London

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